Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Roma - A labor of love that’s a labor to watch

The film Roma Directed by Alfonso Cuaron is a great example of why directors need separate cinematographers to tell the story. Roma is a great premise with interesting characters that fails to deliver. It’s failure is due to long exaggerated scenes with too many wide-angle long shots and slow panning. The story crawls due to the passion of the director to get everything according to his vision. The viewer is left bored after beautiful scenes become exaggerated and tiresome.

The story of Roma is one a maid named Cleo for an upper class family in the city of Roma who’s internal struggles dominated her life. The maid spends a lot of time cleaning up messes who physically and emotionally while always being shown as distant or less than the family she’s so crucial to. Where Alfonso goes awry is in the incorporation of political unrest specifically the crib shopping scene which was an unnecessary addition to the already long story. This along with other elongated stretched out scenes serve as examples of trying to pack too much into a story weakening it as a whole.

Despite its numerous nominations and awards including best cinematography, the movie fails to deliver. The cinematography becomes grading and boring really quickly as the camera moves like a confused fly on the wall between critical arguments and scenes. Of all the films nominated for Best Picture for the Academy Awards this is one least deserving of the nomination.